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The strengths movement is sweeping the country, and the strength-based approach is proving  to be a dynamic way of increasing youth and staff engagement. Research data shows that most people do not come close to making full use of their assets at work—in fact, only 17 percent of the workforce believes they use their strengths on the job. Building a strengths-based culture is about getting every person in the organization to do what they do best every day, and in doing so —lower turnover, improved productivity, and increased client loyalty.

People who focus on using their strengths…
  • Are three time as likely to report having an excellent quality of life
  • Are six times as likely to b engaged in their jobs
People that are in the strengths zone…·
  • Look forward to going to work
  • Have more positive than negative interactions with coworkers
  • Treat customers better
  • Tell their friends they work for a great company3
  • Achieve more on a daily basis
  • Have more positive, creative and innovative moments
These statistics also play into environments where youth are introduced to the strengths zone:
  • Look forward to going to class / program
  • Have more positive than negative interactions with teachers, students and youth serving professionals
  • Treat other better· Tell their friends they attend a great school /program
  • Achieve more on a daily basis
  • Have more positive, creative and innovative moments
YDN’s extensive experience with the strengths approach,  in conjunction with their expert knowledge around youth development and youth engagement, helps make the Strengths-Based training and coaching offerings powerful and impactful opportunities for the youth serving professionals, business leaders, schools and organizations that participate.

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Some of our most requested strengths based workshops are:   
Strengths Development - Maximizing Your Potential – The content of this learning community focuses around deepening your knowledge of your personal talent themes.   People who focus on using their strengths are THREE TIMES as like to report having an excellent quality of life and are SIX TIMES as like to be engaged in their jobs.

Leading with Your Strengths – People who use their strengths at work are more likely to be engaged and perform at high levels.  Learning how to lead with your strengths will not only help you set the example for others, but will also help you achieve your highest potential as a leader in your department and your organization. This learning community incorporates activities to deepen knowledge of your individual talent themes as well as maximizing the talents and developing the strengths of your team. 

Group Dynamics - Building a Well Rounded Team– This training is designed to provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of group dynamics and how individual talents impact and influence these dynamics.  Participants discover their unique top 5 talent themes using an on-line, globally-recognized, research-based instrument and platform developed by Donald Clifton of Gallup. The learning communities provides the knowledge of: the difference between groups and teams, strategies for dealing with team conflict and common situations, a basic understanding of individual talent themes, and how individual talents and strengths can be used to strengthen their organization.  Participants also have the opportunity to: link their strengths to successes, see a connection between their individual themes and past and present behaviors, recognize and value the natural talents and strengths in others, develop awareness of how natural talents and strengths can be interpreted by others, and explores the four domains of amazing teams.

Strengths Based Institute  – The Strengths Based  Institute (SBI) is designed to provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of their individual talents and the impact and influence they have on building a well-rounded team.  The  SBI provides organization teams a powerful and interactive learning and training experience as a way to launch organizational change with the goal of aligning strength-based practices and research with youth development principles.       (2-day session)

Optional SBI Coaching - On-site and virtual coaching is recommended to further support the Strengths-based initiative developed during the institute and to build staff and classroom capacity to apply concepts and lessons learned through the SBI.

Strengths Based Youth Leadership Camps – Click here to learn more about Leadership Camp Opportunities.

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