Topics of Expertise

The Training Team at Youth Development Network works closely with our clients to design training specially tailored to the needs of each organization. Some of our most requested training topics are:

Youth Development - Training on the youth development approach focuses on:

1) The critical experiences all youth in your program need for their successful, healthy development.
2) How to make these experiences happen at your program as much, and as often as possible.

Youth Engagement  – Training on creating optimal environments for youth to step up and take on responsibility and leadership in a variety of ways; from youth as part of your board, to peer tutors and mentors. Trainings focus on the skills and tools that adults and youth need for a successful experience together.

Strengths Development – YDN's extensive experience with the Gallup Strengths approach helps make our Strengths-based training and coaching offerings powerful and impactful for the professionals, business leaders, schools, programs and organizations who participate. We focus on strengths-development for professional businesses and organizations as well as youth servings teams & programs. 

Facilitation  – Training focuses on the tools and skills that facilitators need for working with groups, whether they are young people or adults, in a way that is engaging, empowering, and harmonious.

Organizational Development – These trainings focus on support and assistance in program development, program improvement, strategic planning, best practices, mission alignment, and even retreats. Let us help you take your organization from good to great, from “getting by” to high functioning, from a place where youth hang out to a place where youth come to thrive and succeed. 

Trainings for youth – These trainings are designed specifically for youth and are geared toward teaching youth various skill sets such as conflict mediation and peer mentoring. The trainings are specifically formatted to empower youth to become change makers at their schools and in their communities.

Organizational Evaluation and Program Quality Assessment 
Using the Youth Program Quality Assessment (YPQA) tool, YDN helps organizations examine youth development practices that need to be in place in a classroom, program or organization. The YPQA tool developed by the High Scope Educational Foundation is easy to use. It can be used as a self-assessment or as an external assessment tool. YDN will introduce your organization to the tool, help you complete the assessment and develop an action plan for program improvement. 

Cultural Relevancy - This series of workshops was developed by YDN out of our continuing work with cultural competency, safe & supportive climates, and the convening of the Get Outdoors (G.O.) network.  This opportunity will help organizations create lasting and noticeable change within programs, policies, and procedures to improve engagement with tradition ally hard-to-reach youth while examining their own cultural competency as an  organization.

Other topics  – Training on a variety of youth-related topics (for youth, adults, and/or a combined group), including cultural diversity, study skills, and other topics by request and/or custom designed to meet the needs of your youth or program.