Making a recurring donation is the easiest way to give to the YDN – and ensure one of  your favorite organizations receive ongoing support.

First time visitors --- for your security, privacy and account management access an account profile must first be established.  Please continue with registration and financial account set-up steps below to establish your personal profile.

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  Account - Login Set-up:

To complete your recurring donation, you'll need to create an account first, which will allow you to keep track of your donations in a central place, and make changes to your recurring donation(s) if necessary. Currently, you may use a credit card (including Visa, MasterCard, Discover) or an e-check through your bank account to set up a recurring donation.

Step 1:    Using this registration link or sign up for free link above, complete all pesonal contact information.  Once the account data has been entered an email verification will be sent directly to your email inbox.  Once you have completed the verification and your personal account has been established you are ready to move to step 2.

Step 2:  from the 20² Impact webpage -- login using your new user id and password.  Visit your philanthropy portfolio and from the recurring donations section of your potfolio click on Step 2. Add a recurring donation link. Which will link you to options for Step 3.

Step 3:  Click on link to set-up account data --- proceed with completing requested info to set-up authorization for recurring donations from your credit card account data  or   at the bottom of screen click on setup a bank account for recurring donation processing via your bank account. Click submit data button link. Proceed to step 4. 

Step 4: Once your credit card or back account info has been entered you are ready to set-up specific automatic recurring donation transaction details.   Proceed using the create a recurring donation link at the bottom of the screen and enter the recurring amont, transaction numbers, period, start date, program selection and the name your donations is begin made.

Step 5:  The YDN team apprecaited your support and look forward to continuing to creat life changind experiences for youth to thrive and succeed.

Managing your recurring donation:

Through your account, you can make changes to your recurring donation easily. The following variables can be modified by logging in to your account:

  • Amount of monthly donation
  • Credit card or e-check data
  • Billing address
  • Email address

Cancelling your recurring donation

If you wish to cancel your recurring donation, you can do this through your account. If you terminate your recurring donation and wish to re-start it, simply go through the process described above to set up a new recurring donation.