What is the Cultural Relevancy Institute?
Youth Development Network (YDN), with generous support from the Foundation for Youth Investment, will facilitate the Cultural Relevancy Institute series.  Building off of the success of the 2013 Cultural Competency Youth Impact Series, this opportunity will help your organization create lasting and noticeable change within programs, policies, and procedures to improve engagement with more diverse populations and traditionally hard-to-reach youth.

Why should your organization be involved?
The project includes a series of comprehensive workshops that will be held in Sacramento, California, paired with virtual coaching sessions, for organizations who work with youth and the outdoors and who are striving to improve their ability to reach and engage young people of color or
low-income youth.

Through this Cultural Relevancy Series, participating organizations and staff will:

• Experience four powerful half-day workshops focused on learning from peer organizations, listening to youth, and celebrating progress made as a group in shaping policies, procedures and programs.

• Connect with a professional community of outdoor youth service providers.

• Focus on implementing new policies, procedures and programs that broaden the organization’s impact on youth of diverse backgrounds.

• Receive weekly virtual coaching sessions with YDN staff to support implementation of new policies, procedures and programs based on learnings from the workshops.

This program is brought to you through the generous sponsorship of the Foundation for Youth Investment

Cultural Relevancy Institute

Cultural Relevancy Institute Series:
Expanding Your Cultural Reach

Applications are now being accepted from organizations interested in attending a series of comprehensive workshops that will be held in Sacramento over a 12-week period beginning the end of August.

Applications due July 17, 2015
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