Human Development

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT IS: A process of human growth through which people move from being taken care of to taking care of others and themselves. An approach in which people are supported as they build their capacities and strengths to meet their personal social needs and those of the organization.

The Human Development Institute (HDI) was created by the Youth Development Network (YDN) staff in partnership with the City of Sacramento, Parks and Recreation Department to guide participants as they explore the four pathways to fostering optimal environments in the workplace – Safety, Relationships, Personal Development and Engagement.

The institute is designed as a 4-day learning community where participants experience an overview of the Human Development model along with supporting research. Experiential exercises designed to foster safety, inclusion, relationship building, engagement and personal development are fundamental elements of the HDI training.

The Human Development Institute is designed for:
  • All genders
  • All stages along the age continuum
  • All organizational levels (from CEO’s to Volunteers )
  • Internal clients and external clients
  • Personal relationships as well as professional networks
The City of Sacramento, Parks and Recreation Department set about creating organizational culture change over a three-year period. YDN supported the management team and staff by creating a sustainable model. The department continues to use both the Human Development Institute and the Youth Development Institute models to sustain optimal environments within their teams and program s for both staff and youth.