Organizational Development

Organizational Assessments:
Examine youth development practices that need to be in place in a classroom or organization using the youth development framework for practice. Do an assessment of your organization, program or classroom, and then develop a plan to make improvements. This workshop provides several assessment tools as well as a process for reviewing practices and making an action plan.

Outcomes and Indicators/Evaluation Methods:
Learn basic terminology, develop outcomes and indicators for your programs using the youth development framework; and examine various ways to measure the indicators and collect data, especially data from youth about their experiences. Look at strategies to engage youth in data collection.

Diversity Training:
Examine definitions and the fundamental elements of diversity. Workshop focuses on oppression and power and how that impacts youth; examine adultism and other “isms” and their impact on youth; explore personal beliefs around diversity; learn ways to create caring environments for youth that acknowledge youth culture, and build trust and empower youth to overcome diversity challenges they face in their lives.

Topics of Expertise