Partners & Supporters

YDN Collaborative Partners, Funders and Client Recognition
We extend our thanks to the collaborative partners, funders, donors, volunteer, clients and board members for their long-standing dedication and support of the Youth Development Networks mission and vision.  It is a privilege to serve and continue to make a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you for the role you have played in creating these life-changing environments where we all live, learn, work and play.

Sacramento Region Community Foundation Supporting Students Striving to Achieve Their Dreams: The Foundation and their fundholders are committed to helping local students pursue higher education. Offering over 40 scholarship programs – for first-generation college students, veterans, and students interested to studying trades, music, entrepreneurship, and more – their goal is to help the region’s students succeed. 
GABY is a program that empowers youth to become community leaders. Youth Members fund grants to other youth-led programs and projects in the region.
ASAPconnect aims to build the capacity of technical assistance (TA) providers to better support the diverse needs of after school programs across the state of California. ASAPconnect, a project of the Santa Clara County Office of Education, Educational Services Branch is designed to address three key objectives: (1) Increasing collaboration and building capacity among TA providers; (2) Increasing access to quality trainers; and (3) Increasing Regional Lead capacity.
The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce Foundation was formed in 2008. The primary charitable purposes of the CHCC Foundation are (1) To create, develop and provide educational and economic development programs to increase adult leadership for CHCC and its members (2) To provide scholarship opportunities for qualified students to attend educational institutions to study business and economic development. (3) To attract and receive contributions of cash, securities and property of any other kind or description from individuals, corporations and other business or governmental entities to establish and
The Department of Parks and Recreation offers an array of diverse programs, services and facilities to the residents of our city and the broader Sacramento community.  The mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation is to ensure opportunities for people to Optimize the Experience of Living by creating environments for Safety, Engagement, Relationship building and Personal Development.
The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) was created in 1976 to help more students meet the requirements to go to college, especially students who  are the first in their family to go to college or who are considered socioeconomically disadvantaged. EAOP is the University of California’s (UC) premier outreach program; each of the ten UC campuses houses a program on its campus
Imagine every student learning, sharing, and growing in small town America: Galt, California. The Bright Future for Galt Students District includes teachers, classified employees, principals and superintendent who demonstrate a steadfast belief that every student can learn and achieve. From home visits with pre-kindergarten parents and students to middle school project-based college and career learning environments, these educators personalize learning and accelerate growth for over 3,800 students.
The San Juan Unified School District is proud to serve more than 40,000 students in 65 schools and special education centers, preschools, and adult education programs in diverse northeast Sacramento County. They believe education is a partnership of families, staff, students and the community. Learn more about their mission here.
SCOE plays a leadership role in delivering quality education to approximately 240,000 K-12 public school students in Sacramento County. SCOE directly educates more than 30,000 children and adults, providing support services to 13 school districts. SCOE helps ensure schools operate in an efficient, service-oriented manner while focusing on the bottom line: student achievement.

Twin Rivers Unified School District is the 28th largest school district in California by enrollment, according to the California Department of Education. They serve approximately 28,000 students who come from families that speak 46 languages.

The district includes four comprehensive high schools, five middle schools and 28 elementary schools. Twin Rivers also offers families the option of two alternative high schools, two special education centers, an independent learning center, a community day school, an opportunity school, preschools, three dependent charter schools and Twin Rivers Adult School.
Wells Fargo is proud to support organizations working to strengthen our communities. Through the efforts of their enthusiastic team member-volunteers and their contributions, they share their success within the communities by giving back to non-profits and educational institutions that address vital community needs and issues.

The Western Placer USD mission and vision if to “Empower students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes for success in an ever-changing world.”  Students, parents, and the local community recognize the Districts excellence and see its schools as desirable places to be enrolled. The unique opportunities available include a strong emphasis on the local environment, technology, and the arts, in addition to a strong academic curriculum. The education process is structured to encourage parental involvement and enlist community support in the education of our children. Students, parents, faculty and administration are held accountable for meeting established expectations. All students have the opportunity to be educated to their maximum potential limited only by their interest, ability, and effort.
The Yolo County Office of Education provides a wide range of  services to the children, parents and school districts of Yolo County from operating schools for severely disabled children to providing payroll, computing, and budgetary oversight services to K-12 school districts. There mission is to meet current and future needs of Yolo County by serving as  a regional resource to students, parents, school districts, agencies, and businesses through collaborative leadership, support and services.
Yolo County Library provides access for all to ideas that inform, entertain, and inspire.  “We connect people and ideas”.  For a list of services visit: Yolo County Library Services.