Student Leadership

The student leadership programs and trainings are designed to improving existing student leadership structures so that youth are more engaged in meaningful opportunities and placed in true positions of responsibility and decision-making. The leadership programs and trainings seek to expand youth and adults’ vision for student leadership at their school to include a  focus on school climate and improving the student experience at their school sites.

Programs that are offered by YDN to support the development of student leadership include:

1. Student Leadership Retreat Sessions: 
These learning communities are designed to provide participants with a knowledge and understanding of authentic youth engagement (leadership and decision-making) and school climate (definition and the various factors that impact it) relating activities to the common core curriculum skills.

2. Student Leadership Youth Skill Building Series: 
The Student Leadership Skill Building series consists of multiple sessions designed to provide youth participants with ongoing support for their school-wide leadership efforts, as well as knowledge and understanding of effective strategies for making change, and getting their voice heard.