Training for Youth

High Powered Learning/Study Skills:

Using research-based methods, this training teaches ways to improve memory, how to understand and use learning st yles, and note taking skills.

Peer Educators:

Learn basic skills for being a peer educator

Peer Mediators:

Learn basic skills for being a peer mediator

Change Agents (2 day training):

Topics covered include understanding oppression and power, having a vision for change, examining your role as facilitator and leader, learning about historical change agents, examining what it means to be a change agent versus a change stopper, and examining what it means to be an organizer. Participants will learn about some of the tools organizers use: methods to identify an issue, how to do outreach, speaking to people in power, getting your message out and across, how to be effective in making a pitch for your ideas in front of a policy body, various ways to advocate for your position and ideas, and using SMART goals to help organize an event or a work plan towards action.

Basic Tools for Youth Advisory Board Members (2 day training):

Examine the youth’s role as a trustee and facilitator versus leader. Develop skills around active listening, consensus building, goal setting, project planning and monitoring, group agreements, and facilitation.

Topics of Expertise