Make Strengths More Visible in the Workplace - March 10, 2015 - Author: Adrian Ruiz
5 Things You Can Do Now To Make Strengths More
Visible In The Workplace
Are you like millions of other people who took your StrengthsFinders assessment and felt like the skies opened, the seas parted, and all that was wrong with the world temporarily went away because now someone or something understood you and what made you beyond AMAZING? Me too!
Are you like millions of other people who took your StrengthsFinders assessment and went to work the next day and shared it with everyone, got them excited, talked about how it could totally make you all a more productive team that actually got along or at the very least understood how you all think, feel and behave? Me too!

Are you also like millions of other people who did everything I just mentioned and then got your thunder stolen because you didn’t know what to do next to make the strengths buzz turn into a new more powerful way of living your life and optimizing your work place? Me too!
Well almost…  Continue reading to discover 
some very simple, practical, and effective ways on how my team and I have created a culture that practices the Strengths-based language and approach.  

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Thanks for these very simple and practical tips! I actually have my Signature Themes in my email signature... will work on the rest of the tips slowly. Cheers!
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