After School-Hip Hop Culture - April 28, 2016 - Author: Adrian Ruiz

Top 5 Things After School Youth Developers Can Learn from
Hip-Hop Culture
Heads up! This isn't for everyone.
This is intended for the leaders of the new school. Those with audacious dreams, relentless drive, 
passion and purpose. This blog is for those that know that leadership is not about complacency and youth development isn't learned in a semester or a half- day workshop. This is for those who know how to put the needle on the record and keep it bouncing on the one.
I remember when mainstream would laugh at hip-hop and dismiss it as a fad or novelty. But to some of us hip-hop became our compass, our needle that magically showed us our groove. Similarly I remember when the school day would look down on after-school. They said it lacked rigor and that it could never reach students in the same way as a traditional academic setting.

They were wrong- it did more than reach students. It grabbed the unreachable and invited them to reach for the stars. It found the lost and gave them a place to call home. As my brothers from LA would say "afterschool was about fighting crime and saving lives." Time, data and thousands of testimonials show us that both hip-hop and expanded learning are here to stay and lead the way.

Keep reading as I share with you the Top 5 Things After School Youth Developers Can Learn from Hip-Hop Culture.   

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I'm glad to find this article. Thank you so much for sharing thee article Hope to see more updates on the blog.
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