Message of Hope -- November 23, 2016

As we gather with friends and family on this Thanksgiving, we cherish this moment and thank you for your passion, dedication, and support of Youth Development Network and our cause. Guided by our core values, we remain dedicated to our collective mission of creating more places and spaces for people to thrive, succeed, and live a life of dignity. 

As we reflect on the things we are thankful for, our core values have been our anchor and will continue to be our guiding light as we move forward. 

We believe in the Power of Relationships. The work before us cannot be done by one organization, one individual, or one way. In order to reach our mission, we must come together under the banner of a collective effort. The impact will be greater together. 

We believe in Social Justice. We work to develop people and communities to build diversity and equity amongst all. We celebrate and appreciate that the differences that make us up as individuals, is what makes us stronger as a community. 

We believe in Change. Led by a combination of research and curiosity, we continue to drive change towards compassionate cultures and climates. We all have our part to play in creating a society where all can thrive, succeed, and live a life of dignity. We believe small changes make big differences.

We believe in Fun. Changing minds and lives requires dedication. Not only do we show up, we also set the tone. Having fun changes the work from what we have to do to what we want to do!

We're dedicated to being youth developers and changemakers. We ask you to use your gifts as we continue on this collective journey to make our world a better place. As Adam “Ad-Rock” Horovitz recently stated, “Take what you’re good at, and what you truly enjoy, and lend your services to the causes you care most about. ‘Cause we can’t, and we won’t, and we don’t stop.” 

Wishing you all the best from all of us at YDN

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