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5 STEPS to begin my STRENGTHS Journey : New Access Code Registration Instructions

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Gallup Guide to all things available on your profile following the assessment process  

Discovering your top 5 talent themes

 5 STEPS to begin my STRENGTHS Journey : New Access Code Registration Instructions
     1. Navigate to http://www.strengthsquest.com.
     2. On the upper-right hand corner of the main page, click Register.
     3. On the Registration tabtype your access code [                              ] 
            in the corresponding fields.

           Then click Continue with Registration. 
                            (NOTE: The verification code is not case-sensitive. (If you need help signing in, call the StrengthsQuest Help Desk 
at 1-888-211-4049 or e-mail strengthsquesthelp@gallup.com.)

     4. Provide the following information on the Account Information page:
           First and last name, E-mail address,  a username, a password, an answer to a security question
            (e.g., What is your mother’s maiden name?)  Please answer any additional questions as prompted.

NOTE: Your username must be between 8 and 50 characters in length and contain no spaces.
NOTE: Your password must be between 8 and 50 characters in length and meet two of the following criteria: contain uppercase letters, contain lowercase letters, contain numbers, or contain any of the following symbols: #, $, !, &.  After providing your information, click Continue at the bottom of the page.
NOTE: Please double check the spelling of your email address as this will be the email you are contacted at if you need to retrieve your password through our Account Assistance tab.

     5. Take the Clifton StrengthsFinder: Allow 45 minutes. You have 20 seconds to respond to each item.  

  • If you lose your connection, click SIGN IN and enter your username and password; you will automatically be returned to where you left off.
  • Once you’ve completed the Clifton StrengthsFinder, you will have access to your reports and additional resources in your account.
  • Click the MY StrengthsQuest tab to come back to the landing page where you can:
    • see and share your Signature Theme report,
    • journal about success and
    • read the online StrengthsQuest book.

Key Elements:

  • Each participant will need to have completed this online process prior to attending the session scheduled -- the earlier the better.  If possible a week before each session  to have custom name badges printed and team grids generated. 
  • Approximate time allocation needed is 45-60 minutes
  • This is a self exploratory activity – there is no right or wrong answers
  • Participants are encouraged to answer the questions from their heart
  • Do not pick neutral more than 5 time
  • Questions are open to self interpretation 
  • The questions are timed - at approximately 20 second per question.
  • Profiles are for individual access following completion – please ensure participant uses their own email address and selects their own unique password.
After assessment completed:
  1. Print the personalized Strengths Insight Report that is available following assessment completion 
  2. Take time before the training session to review and become acquainted with the results and what they mean to you   
Be sure to bring a printed copy of your “Strengths Insight Report” that has your individualized report of your top 5 strengths to the session with you.
Additional info for those that wish to learn more about strengths: 
For  those wishing to know more about the strengths research a link to the Clifton StrengthsFinder® 2.0 Technical Report: Development and Validation has been provided for their reading enjoyment.  Clifton Strengthsfinder Technical Report  An additional source of information is the Strengthsfinder and Student Development report.