Youth Development

Youth Development Institute (YDI)
Helping agencies implement youth development principles is paramount. YDN provides a transformational training experience for agency teams of front line staff and program managers. Through interdisciplinary, experiential learning the YDI creates stronger interagency partnerships and more intentional, high impact services for youth. After completing the 28 -50 hour training, each agency team develops a plan for aligning its work with youth development principles. YDN staff can then provides an additional 10 hours of coaching and implementation support. The YDI curriculum was developed by the Community Network for Youth Development (CNYD) as part of the national Building Exemplary Systems for Training Initiative. YDN was trained in 2003 to deliver the curriculum and since then has trained over 80 agencies in YDI.

Through the YDI, participating organizations and staff will:
  • Develop new professional skills and abilities using research-based practices.
  • Connect with a professional community of youth developers.
  • Receive up to 10 hours of on-site coaching assistance to build staff and agency capacities to apply concepts and lessons learned through YDI .
  • Receive resource materials and assessment information to develop an organizational plan to better align policies and procedures with youth development practices.
Youth Development 101 (2 day training): This training examines asset, youth development and resiliency research; explores the shift in beliefs that are needed to move forward with this approach, and helps participants begin to examine how they can integrate this work into their programs or agencies. The training focuses on strategies for implementing the 5 Supports and Opportunities of the youth development framework for practice.

Youth Culture/Adolescent Development: Look at adolescent developmental stages, brain development and what we know youth need to succeed. Examine youth culture and what that means for how adults work with youth. Products and services – training – youth development

High Powered Learning/Study Skills: Using research-based methods, this training teaches ways to improve memory, how to understand and use learning styles to the student’s advantage, and note taking skills—this training would teach skills that adults can then transfer to youth.

Management Styles that Support YD and Supportive Supervision Strategies: Examine how supervisors and organizations can support staff in implementing youth development approaches by creating environments that model youth development principles. What kind of management styles and organizational environments support you h development practices? What skills do youth workers, supervisors and organizations need to be successful in moving forward with a youth development approach? What are some quick tips to create safe and engaging environments for our staff? This workshop helps answer these questions.

Community and Youth Asset 101 Training: Participants will learn definitions and ways to identify community and Youth assets. Participants will learn how to map community assets and will brainstorm ways to use those local assets to support youth and their programs. The workshop will examine what it means to create authentic partnerships and the key aspects of a strong partnership. Tools to help map resources and create partnerships will be provided.

Topics of Expertise